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Oscar Weekend: The Definitive Checklist

You’ve got your red carpet rollout.

You’ve got your Hollywood.

You’ve got your fashions.

You’ve got your Jon Stewart.

You’ve got your Clooney.

You’ve got your bad movies.

You’ve got your nominated good ones.

You’ve got your Oscar Pool.

You’ve got your predictions.

You’ve got your six ways to watch.

You’ve got your telecast.

You’ve got your broadcasters.

And you’ve got your party hoppers.

Did I miss anything? Hmm. Maybe some popcorn and kleenex to wipe away those vicariously-experienced, melodramatically-made, award-winning tears.

Hey winners, don’t forget to thank your lawyers.

The 80th annual Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, February 24, 2008, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center. The spectacle starts at 5pm PST.

Sistahood Celebration 2008

Beginning next week, one of my favourite local festivals begins its eighth year: the Sistahood Celebration brings together an amazing array of performances, exhibits, workshops & events by female artists, in honour of International Women’s Day. It’s a fab blend of music, poetry, dance, theatre, and art that is produced by some truly wonderful women. Event producers Rachel Flood, Vanessa Richards, Anna Hilliar, Sara Kendall and many more lovely ladies have made this year’s celebration a must-see month of events.

The fest kicks off with a show by one of my favourite female rappers – the incomparable, buttery flow of Bahamadia – who will be throwing down at the newly revamped Biltmore Cabaret. Tickets are now on sale, so if you’re in the Vancouver area, make sure you support this local goodness:

Grace, Power and Eloquence, that is what Bahamadia brings to the stage. Credited by many as one of the original MCs to put Philly on the map we are honoured to have her with us and look forward to launching the festival on February 28th at the Biltmore Cabaret with her lyrical gifts and energetic shifts! nice.

AND you can buy advanced tickets ONLINE now…doooo it!

Source: Sistahood blog

The Take Away Shows

The Take Away Shows is a beautiful art/music/film web series that I’ve just discovered. Vincent Moon produces improvised music videos with bands in the streets of Paris and posts them up at Blogotheque.

Here’s a great clip for they shot for the song “Taste” with one of my fave bands, Animal Collective:

CNN (of all places) also ran a recent feature on the site:

“[The Take Away Shows is] a new project by Parisian filmmaker Vincent Moon which aims to capture bands performing live at ad-hoc venues, usually on or around the streets of Paris.

“What I really wanted to be was a photographer, but it was my teachers (Michael Ackerman and Antoine D’Agata) who really gave me the love for cinema,” the 27-year-old told CNN. “They just blew my mind. It was something new, something I had never seen before, it was photojournalism but with a very intimate and subjective approach.”

Vincent (real name Mathieu Saura) explained: “I’m not really into perfect things in their final form so when we were filming I tried to be very honest with who I am and just try to catch the rhythm of the song and be there on the same level with them.

“They get instruments in their hand and I’ve got a camera so they play guitar and I play camera, in a way.”

The multinational project has included artists from as far apart as Romania, Iceland, Australia, and Sweden starring acts such as Arcade Fire, The Kooks, The Shins, Guillemots and promising newcomers Vampire Weekend — but the show has a simple premise.

“I met Chryde, the owner and creator of La Blogotheque (French online music site which hosts the shows), and he had this idea of doing something with bands which wasn’t just an interview,” says Moon.”

Source: CNN