About Me

Jarrett Martineau – here’s a short bio.

I am a Cree/Dene scholar, writer, digital media producer and musician from Frog Lake First Nation, Alberta.I hold a Ph.D. in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria, where I am currently based, on Lekwungen and WSANEC territories.

My research focuses on the role of Indigenous art, music and media in contemporary Indigenous struggles for decolonization on Turtle Island. More broadly, I am interested in the critical intersections of indigeneity, political communication, technology and media in supporting Indigenous nationhood and resurgence.

I am the Creative Producer of Revolutions Per Minute | www.RPM.fm — a global new music discovery platform to promote Indigenous music culture from across Turtle Island and beyond, and I have worked extensively in digital arts, music and media production.

For more information, please visit: jarrettmartineau.flavors.me


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Blake Ross

    Hello Jarrett,

    I looked this site over and I like what I see. I will bookmark it and view it daily.
    Cheers, Blake

  2. Kate Pokorny

    Hey Jarrett,
    As a musician and someone interested media issues I wanted to bring the new site http://www.indabamusic.com to your attention. It launched in February and is both an online collaboration platform and a free online production console that is pretty robust. I thought you might be interested in checking out the site and possibly including it in your blog as I think your reader would be interested in hearing your opinion of this direction of social/music media. Indaba allows you to collaborate with musicians from around the world on tracks in real time together! Check it out!
    Thanks, let me know if you have any questions,

  3. Lucho

    I just saw (DVD) the film There Will Be Blood. DDL is a great actor… but the film is so looong and boring. I was hoping that it would get better, so I watched it unitl the end. Wrong!

    Must admit though, good acting on his part. Enough to to get the Oscar?

    P.S. Enjoy reading your articles. Smart and sexy too!

  4. Chilli

    Hi Jarrett,

    Please think about the Algonquin people whose ancesetrial territory the #J11 Day is taking place on. The Algonquin people want an opportunity to have a voice on our territory. We have not surrendered land that Ottawa sits on. Our grassroots people want to be heard, we plan to be there. Can you help??? We would appreciate to be heard. We have passionate speakers. I believe you can help make this happen.

    I personnally have followed your tweets and I am on the same page. We need to get 10,000 people there. I wish for more. The Algonquin people are talking. We are gathering our Elders, Traditional People, Medicine People, Etc…. Our people have been brought together.

    Keep Up The GREAT Work!
    This Movement is a means for a brighter future for the next 7 generations.

    Please contact 819-449-5170 to speak to Gilbert Whiteduck if you can make this work.

  5. huka

    Bro, you are my kind of damn Native. Tawhanga Nopera/huka here, a Maori Creative Practice PhD Candidate from the University of Waikato in Aotearoa. Keep on keepin’ on with your tuturu whakaaro mo to hinengaro, mo to ngarunui tino rangatiratanga (staunch thoughts from the depths of your creative mind that are the relentless waves of self-determination. I’m looking forward to reading more and following your haerenga.


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