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Unhappy 50th Birthday, Moz: Heaven Knows You’re Miserable Now

That’s right friends, everyone’s favourite queen of morose yet beautiful pop tunes, Morrissey, turns 50 today.

To celebrate his melancholic glory…

We’ve come to wish him an Unhappy Birthday
‘Cause he’s evil
And he lies
And if he should die
We may feel slightly sad
(But we won’t cry)

Moz is celebrating the half-century anniversary of his beloved, dreary crooning with a sold-out show in his Manchester hometown tonight — but there are plenty of other ‘unhappy’ Moz love-ins scheduled to honour his highness.

To all the Smiths and Morrissey fans, tis a day to wipe away the tears and mascara and sing along with the man Pitchfork has hailed as “one of the most singular figures in Western pop culture from the last 20 years.”

The well-aged, well-coiffed British singer is celebrating the milestone with a concert in his hometown of Manchester. (It sold out in 15 minutes.) The UK Guardian pays tribute to the performer, who “has retained his provocative, spiky quality. ” offers a photo gallery of Moz through the years. Over at the Times Online, the publication shares news of an intriguing academic study that calls Morrissey a romantic hero and “approvingly ranks him alongside some of the greats of literature: Philip Larkin, John Betjeman and Oscar Wilde.” Hey, I won’t argue with that.

A few Moz-themed events are planned across the country this weekend, including Pittsburgh’s “Unhappy Birthday: Morrissey 50th B-Day Tribute and Dance Party,” which will feature an evening of Smiths and Morrissey covers.