Steve Carell Buys General Store in Marshfield Hills

Actor Steve Carell, who stars in the hit show “The Office”, has recently gone from his fictional corporate managerial position to a real world owner of a small town’s general store.

Carell recently bought a general store in Marshfield Hills, a small town in Massachusetts where the actor is a part-time resident.

But the actor won’t be leaving his day job in television, he’s hired his sister-in-law Tish Vivado to run the store.

I wonder if it was in danger of closing down? Either way, it’s great to see that Carell is doing this, according to the store’s previous owners, for “for the right reasons”.

[Steve] Carell, who plays bumbling boss Michael Scott on the NBC sitcom [“The Office”], recently bought the Marshfield Hills General Store. The 45-year-old actor is a part-time resident of the town on Massachusetts’ south shore.

He put sister-in-law Tish Vivado in charge.

The store’s previous owner, Sherry Bechtold, told The Patriot-Ledger of Quincy that she and her husband, Bob, sold the 155-year-old building and business to Carell after being convinced that he wanted it “for the right reasons.” She said she wanted to make sure the new owner retained the store’s character.

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