‘Prison Break’ TV Series to End Spring 2009

Fans of Prison Break will be sad to learn that Fox has announced that the series will end this spring, when the final episodes beginning airing in mid-April.

FOX just sent out a press release regarding the end of the Prison Break series. (commence weeping now).

The greatest escape on television comes to an end after four suspenseful seasons when PRISON BREAK returns for the series’ final episodes beginning Friday, April 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The press release chats about the show and recaps the series to this point.

Following a series of double-crosses, the brothers now find themselves racing to retrieve SCYLLA, which unbeknownst to them has landed in the possession of their estranged mother and Company operative Christina (Kathleen Quinlan).

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3 thoughts on “‘Prison Break’ TV Series to End Spring 2009

  1. cindy

    i think taking off prison break is the biggest mistake EVER!!!! its still the biggest talk around and why would they want to take something of that most everyone loves to watch…?? I’m sure it can’t be the ratings. what the hell…and probably something dumb will replace it..OMG whose the nit wit that came up with this brilliant idea??i think he’ll be sorry for a long time… I’m sure all you fans will agree!!! it will be sadly missed!!

  2. emma

    omg they cant get rid of prison break.its one of the best shows on tv.great cast,fab scripts and a genius story line that keeps u guessin and on the edge of ur seat.i cant comprehend why programs like these are cancelled when other stupid shows are still on tv.prison break will be truly missed.


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