Golden Globe Awards Draw Lowest TV Ratings in 13 Years

Despite the fact that 2009 heralded a supposed return to glamourous, teary-eyed form for one of Hollywood’s biggest awards nights, the 66th Annual Golden Globes failed to get the attention of viewers.

The show, which was telecast last Sunday night on NBC, drew its lowest ratings in over a decade, setting up even lower audience expectations for the Academy Awards on February 22nd.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? You were one of the few.

Though the 3 hour special won its time slot on Sunday night, the star-studded Golden Globes telecast on NBC drew the lowest ratings in 13 years.

This continues the downward trend of movie and TV awards shows.

Organizers of these events see the problem as threefold. First, consumers get a huge fix of celebrities on a daily basis [on websites and blogs]. Second, there is a relatively small fan base for many of the critically acclaimed films and TV shows that get nominated, like Slumdog Millionaire and Mad Men. And finally, there are too many options for viewers these days and staged reality shows are more exciting than genuine nailbiters like awards shows.

Watch for a new low when the Oscars air on February 22.


Kate Winslet WINS the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress

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Kate Winslet WINS the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress

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