Doctor Who Introduces New Child-Friendly Toys


August 1

August 1

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uploaded by Jenn C

Doctor Who is introducing a new line of “child-friendly” toys featuring The Doctor and assorted villains.

What, were the other Doctor Who toys NSFW?

Hoping to demonstrate that British kids enjoy playing with physically distorted versions of their favorite heroes as much as their American cousins, a U.K. toy manufacturer is introducing a new line of squat, deformed versions of Doctor Who and his foes.

Based on the Star Wars “Galactic Heroes” and “Marvel Squad” lines of toddler-proportioned good guys and villains, Character Options is introducing its new “Time Squad” line — featuring The Doctor and his best baddies in collectable sets.

There are 15 to start, but that number will grow if they figures turn out to be popular. After all, the show they’re based on only built three Daleks in its entire 45-year history and kept repainting them for different episodes.

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