Claude Berri, Acclaimed French Filmmaker, Dies at 74


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Claude Berri, the acclaimed French actor, director, and filmmaker, has died at the age of 74.

Berri was in the midst of directing his twentieth film “Tresor” when he died of an apparent stroke.

French actor, director and producer Claude Berri, an institution in French cinema for more than half a century, died Monday at age 74. President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed him as ”legendary.”

Agent Dominique Segall said Berri died of a ”cerebral-vascular” problem — language often used for a stroke.

Berri produced Roman Polanski’s ”Tess” in 1979 and directed movies including ”Jean de Florette” in 1986 and ”Manon des Sources” (”Manon of the Spring”), both adapted from Marcel Pagnol’s vision of the French countryside.

Berri’s short film ”Le Poulet” won an Oscar in 1965.

He was in the midst of directing ”Tresor” (”Treasure”) — his 20th directing project — when he died, Segall said. ”It will continue despite his departure,” the agent added.

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