‘Tron’ Sequel in the Works, Garrett Hedlund Lands Leading Role


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Tron Slime

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Trailer – Tron (1982) #2

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Trailer - Tron (1982) #2

Disney is remaking the 1982 classic videogaming fantasy flick ‘Tron‘ and the Mickey Mouse co. has cast the relatively unknown actor, Garrett Hedlund, as the lead.

Garrett Hedlund, who has until now acted in larger ensemble pieces such as “Friday Night Lights” and “Eragon,” will play a man pulled into the world of a computer.

If you haven’t heard of Hedlund, you’re not the only one.

Hedlund has been considered one of those actors on the cusp within the industry. The 24-year-old Minnesota native made his debut in 2004’s “Troy,” and also appeared in such films as “Four Brothers” and “Georgia Rule.”

Thankfully, the remake will include Jeff Bridges who appeared in the original — and Olivia Wilde has also been added to the cast.

“Tron” is currently in production and is set to begin shooting in the spring. No official release date has been announced but, according to imdb, “Tron 2.0” could hit theatres sometime in 2011.

“Tron,” which was previously known as “Tron 2” and “Tr2n,” is expected to start shooting in the spring with Joseph Kosinski at the helm.

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