Soulja Boy Launches His Own Cartoon Show

Not every pop star is ambitious enough to seek being immortalized in animated format but, like Hammer Man before him, the recently-robbed rapper Soulja Boy Tell’em is turning his life and career into a funny cartoon: “Soulja Boy Tell’em: The Animated Series”

You Tell’em Soulja Boy, you tell’em…

Following in the hallowed tradition of MC Hammer’s “Hammerman” cartoon, Soulja Boy Tell’em has launched his own animated series, titled … what else? “Soulja Boy Tell’em: The Animated Series.”

Combining live-action and throwback animation, the first episode of the online series finds a cartoon SJB performing at a talent show and cruising around town in his signature Segway — which, in the ‘toon world, is improbably pimped out with a sidecar.

And guess what SJB’s series is about? Yup, it’s about him, as a rapper, being perpetually taped by his posse. Yeah, uh, inspired stuff!

As in real life, everything the “Bird Walk” rapper does is taped by a member of his posse, and the 2-D MC — forced to return to high school in the midst of his superstardom — is obsessed with haters who disrespect him despite his mountain of ringtone sales.

Oh and one other random factoid: Carlton Banks is co-starring. Remember The Fresh Prince? Silver Spoons?

Nice work, Alfonso Boy Tell’em. You tell’em too.

The real-life co-star of the first episode is none other than “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” sidekick Alfonso Ribeiro (a.k.a. the uptight Carlton Banks), who plays the role of the, well, uptight principal of the school.

Watch the first video “Theme Song” of the series and see for yourself. It’s weird.

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