Tina Fey Named Entertainer of the Year by Associated Press




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The AP has named Tina Fey “Entertainer of the Year” for 2008.

The star of ’30 Rock’, and former SNL cast member, beat out Iron-clad rivals such as Robert Downey Jr. and dark horse candidates like Heath Ledger.

But if 2008 was the year of Fey, she owes much of her recent fame to a woman with whom she shares, if nothing else, striking physical resemblance, a woman who also left “an indelible impression” on the American public this year: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin  — Tina Fey’s doppelganger and comedic foil.


Tina Fey Quotes Sarah Palin Word For Word

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Tina Fey Quotes Sarah Palin Word For Word

Without Palin, there’s no way Fey would be on this list.

Tina Fey is the entertainer of the year? You betcha. Fey was voted The Associated Press’ Entertainer of the Year, an annual honor chosen by newspaper editors and broadcast producers across the country.

Fey was selected by AP members as the performer who had the greatest impact on culture and entertainment in 2008.

The 38-year-old comedian bested runner-up Robert Downey Jr., whose comeback was capped with the blockbuster smash “Iron Man,” and the third-place vote-getter, Heath Ledger, who posthumously wowed audiences as the Joker in “The Dark Knight.”

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