Live Earth India Concert Cancelled

Live Earth India has been cancelled following the devastating terrorist attacks in Mumbai last week.

The sold-out concert was set to take place on December 7th, however, security fears prompted organizers to cancel the event.

The Live Earth India concert has been cancelled due to security fears after last week’s attacks in Mumbai.

Bon Jovi and other acts started to cancel their plans after news of the attacks broke.

More than 170 people were killed as gunmen opened fire across the city.

With all the cancellations, organizers were forced to terminate the sold out concert that benefits a solar energy program. The show was set for December 7th.

Live Earth was created by Al Gore and partner Kevin Wall with previous shows taking place in London, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Organizers of Live Earth said that they were “shocked and saddened” by the attacks.

British singer Amar Dhanjan told BBC 6 Music, “It’s just not important compared to what’s happening there right now.”

Festival organizers Kevin Wall, Al Gore, and Dr. R.K. Pachauri have issued the following joint official statement on the cancellation:

Everyone involved with Live Earth India, from our U.S.- and India-based staff, artists and crew to our India-based broadcast, production, non-profit and marketing communications partners, is stunned and saddened by the tragic events of the past few days in our host city Mumbai. We always felt very welcomed and safe as we spent more time on the ground in Mumbai to finalize plans for Live Earth India, scheduled for December 7.

Due to circumstances far beyond our control, we are saddened to announce that Live Earth India has been cancelled. We will continue to work for solutions to the climate crisis for the good of the people of India and around the world. But for now, our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims of this terrible attack, with the bereaved, with the people of Mumbai and with everyone in India.

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