YouTube Launches Widescreen Video Format

For everyone tired of the tiny, pixelated, lo-res, boxed format of YouTube clips, you’ll be pleased to know that the video sharing site has launched a fancy new widescreen format that allows all videos to be viewed in higher quality and in a ‘fat’ 16:9 aspect ratio.

This moves definitely paves the way for YouTube’s future plans to screen full-length movies on the site, as no one wants to watch a feature film in a tiny 4:3 window.

We’re expanding the width of the page to 960 pixels to better reflect the quality of the videos you create and the screens that you use to watch them. This new, wider player is in a widescreen aspect ratio which we hope will provide you with a cleaner, more powerful viewing experience. And don’t worry, your 4:3 aspect ratio videos will play just fine in this new player.

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