No Doubt to Reunite for New Album and Tour in 2009

No Doubt never really broke up, but they’ve certainly taken a long hiatus since the launch of Gwen Stefani‘s wildly successful solo career and the beginnings of families by many of the bands’ members.

But now that the No Doubt young ‘uns are old enough for nannies, Gwen is saying that it’s time to get the band back together to tour and record a new album in 2009.

Admittedly, their animated, ‘bloopy’-sounding, IM-styled announcement on the band’s homepage is a bit of an odd PR tactic, but all the kids are doing it, right? 

And the band sounds ready for “playing shows, writings songs, kicking ass, ND 2009”.

No Doubt announced they would be coming back next year to play some gigs with the aid of some strange form of fake IM chat window on

Gwen Stefani says (We read it so you won’t have to):

“I think we should go out now, I don’t think we should wait. Pack up the babies and get a bunch of nannies. So fun! Would be so spiriting to get out there and play all those songs again.

I think that if we go on tour, it will inspire us to write. I need to see the fans out there.”

The band will also release a new album produced by Mark “Spike” Stent some time next year.

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