American Music Awards Kanye, Chris Brown, and Beyonce

Finally, Kanye West didn’t have any reasons to complain, as both he and R&B singer Chris Brown each won big at last night’s American Music Awards

But, ever the egoiste, Yeezy still took time to dedicate one of his trophies to Weezy while waxing philosophically grandiose by comparing contemporary pop music — especially his own — to the likes of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

If that’s not a delusion of grandeur, and if Rihanna’s robotic eye-patched pirate-of-the-future performance isn’t an indication, than I don’t know what is.

Other performances included Beyonce, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Ne-Yo, and the return of NKOTB.

Here’s the complete list of AMA 2008 winners.

Chris Brown was the big winner at last night’s American Music Awards, taking home three pointy trophies including Artist of the Year. Kanye West was also victorious, winning Favorite Male Rap/Hip-Hop Artist and Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album for Graduation. For someone who always complains when he doesn’t win an award, West is making it a tradition of giving away the awards he actually does win, with West telling the crowd, “And I want to give this award to [Lil] Wayne, for this year. If it was last year, this would have been my award.” West also ranted during another acceptance speech “We’re going to push this music to the point where it was like in the ’60s, in the ’70s, where you talk about Led Zeppelin and Hendrix and the Beatles. We will be the new Beatles, the new Hendrix,” and capped his big night with a performance of 808s & Heartbreak’s “Heartless.”

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