Teen Commits Suicide Live on Justin.tv Website

This story is both shocking and heartbreaking.

Abraham K. Biggs, a Florida teenager, committed suicide on the live video streaming website Justin.tv — and the site’s viewers encouraged him do it.

Why didn’t site users help prevent this tragedy?

Abraham K. Biggs, 19 from Florida committed suicide live on Justin.tv Wednesday after being encouraged by viewers to do so.

The story as best we can follow it is that Biggs threatened to overdose on pills live on Justin.tv on a bodybuilding forum at bodybuilding.com. According to eyewitness reports, moderators didn’t believe him, and other users either on bodybuilding.com, Justin.tv or both egged him on to do it. Biggs, known as “candyjunkie” then posted a suicide note (copy here), downed a pile of pills then “went to sleep” all on camera. According to a report here, “he breathes for a few hours, people think he’s going to be alright and keep joking and trash talking him on Justin.tv”. Some time later people realize he was not moving, someone tracks down his details, calls police and paramedics, who then broke into his house to come to his aid…with that all being streamed live as well.

NewTeeVee has confirmed Biggs’ death with the Broward County medical examiner.

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