Blip Festival Celebrates Low-Res Art and Music

New York’s Blip Festival 2008 is playful and fun celebration of “archaic game and home computer hardware” that have been “recast into the unlikely role of musical instrument[s]”.

The four day fest runs from December 4-7 and will feature almost 40 musicians and visual artists who’ve been dabbling in varied forms of 8-Bit culture by creating Commodore 64, Atari ST, and Nintendo Game Boy-inspired beats, blips, bleeps, and bloops.

For the uninitiated, here’s a primer on “chiptunes” and the “chipmusic movement“.

Of course you could also head over to for an auditory preview or check out 8-Bit Generation, Lionel Brouet’s fascinating documentary on the worldwide phenomenon.

While it might be too regrettably late to make a last minute journey to Montreal for tonight’s previously mentioned Gamma 3D, before you pull a low-bit four-color freakout (as above), I’ll note that there’s still plenty of time to plan for NYC’s forthcoming BlipFest, the December 4-7th celebration of NES, C64, Atari ST, and Game Boy “chipmusic and its related disciplines.”

The schedule is all still TBA, so I can’t yet point toward any single can’t-miss night, but the overall line-up is star-studded enough that any night’s a sure bet for something a little bit amazing.

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