18th Anniversary of Milli Vanilli’s Epic FAIL

“Like a fairytale / you were so unreal
You left a scar / that’s so hard to heal”

Awww, poor Milli Vanilli. They tried so hard.

Oh wait. No they didn’t.

It was on this very day in 1990 that Milli Vanilli was forced to return their Grammy Award after being exposed as lip-syncing shams whose album had actually been recorded by anonymous and unsexy studio musicians. It would take the American public years to recover from the trauma of being deceived by dreadlocked fake 80’s singers in spandex shorts.

Today, we pay them tribute by remembering the moment when the whole house of cards came crashing down. Epic FAIL, we salute you.

And, you know what…even today…
“It’s / a / tragedy for me to see / the dream is ohhh-verrrrr…”

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