‘Twilight’ Fans Freak For Film’s Premiere

A new pop culture phenomenon has emerged from the shadows and into the blinding brightness of Hollywood, as the Twilight movie premiered in Los Angeles on Tuesday to the thundering applause, shrieks, screams, and chants of its vampirically-rabid fans.

As NowPublic member Manny Castro has reported, an estimated 500 advanced screenings are already sold out, as are at least 400 weekend screenings of the film.

Twilight officially opens in North American theatres on November 21st. See the film’s site for international release dates.

There were hundreds of people lining the Los Angeles streets screaming and chanting. There were homemade signs, punny slogans, and custom T-shirts. Attendees declared whose team they were on. There were moms and daughters, men and women, couples and singles. There were even a few people so overcome by emotion that tears were shed. They stood for hours, some for days, to make sure their opinions were seen and heard despite the harsh, ashy air quality caused by the numerous nearby wildfires.

I’m not talking about last weekend’s anti-Proposition 8 rally. No, this chaotic scene, which featured more black, less rainbows, was for the Nov. 17 premiere of Twilight, the epic love story of a high-school girl (Bella) and her vampire beau (Edward) based on the hit book series by Stephenie Meyer. While the two events had several similarities, I dare say the Twilight folks were slightly more fanatical.

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