Battle of the Doodles: Palin vs. Obama

Everybody doodles, only some doodles are seemingly more important and interesting than other doodles.

For instance, when the absent-minded chicken scratch scrawls belong to Gov. Sarah Palin and President-Elect Barack Obama, well, then it’s time to call in the handwriting analysts to decipher the cryptic symbology, metaphorical allusions, and hidden insights into personality and character.

W00t dee doodle doo.

Sarah Palin’s doodles, which were scribbled in 1996 when she was running for mayor of Wasilla, and President-elect Barack Obama’s doodles, which were purchased on an Ebay auction in May, 2007, for $2075, have been analyzed by a graphologist.

And what did the handwriting expert have to say?

According to graphologist Sheila Kurtz, the Obama doodle shows he is “economical, clear and to the point,” while Palin’s doodle indicates she is “smart, but scattered and all over the place.”

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