Stars Speak Out Against Proposition 8

Nationwide protests took place across the United States on the weekend, against the passage of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California.

Along with the thousands of demonstrators, celebrities are also speaking out against the ban.

Comedian Wanda Sykes, who is married to a woman, has been a vocal opponent of Proposition 8.

Seems Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the only funny lady with a wife. Comedian Wanda Sykes is also married to a woman.

Sykes spoke out this weekend at a rally in Las Vegas protesting the passage of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California.

“We took a huge leap forward [in electing Barack Obama] and then got dragged about 12 steps back. … Our community was attacked,” Sykes told the cheering crowd.

“The New Adventures of Old Christine” star told the audience that she married her wife on Oct. 25. But she admits she doesn’t talk about her sexual orientation often in public. However, the recent passage of Proposition 8 has made her so angry that she has decided to be more vocal.

“If we had equal rights, we shouldn’t have to be standing out here demanding something that we automatically should have as citizens of this country,” Sykes said. “… I said, ‘You know what, now I gotta get in your face.’ And that’s what we all have to do now. They pissed off the wrong group of people! They have galvanized our community.”

In addition, stars including Christina Aguilera, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Ellen DeGeneres, and Velvet Revolver’s Slash have also spoken up in solidarity and support of same sex marriage rights:

While Christina Aguilera called the passing of Prop 8 “discrimination,” Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz told NME News, “I also look forward to the chance to continue supporting civil rights and speaking out against the passing of Proposition 8 and others like it (I’m looking at you, Arizona and Florida) whenever and wherever I can.”

“I do feel hopeful,” Ellen DeGeneres told “I feel excited…but certainly that was an emotional day for me the next day [after the election] and trying to do a show when I felt that sad inside but I kind of bounced back. I feel good now.”

The talk show host hopes today’s protests will “be done peacefully and in the right way.” Meanwhile Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash and his wife Perla Hudson posted a video asking fans to “say no to hate and yes to equality” by joining today’s protests.

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One thought on “Stars Speak Out Against Proposition 8

  1. tooshytostop

    Thanks so much for sharing this news. Too Shy to Stop photographer Shaun Bell took a bunch of photos at the Prop 8 protest in DC. You can view the photo essay here.


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