Valleywag Shutting Down, Consumerist to Follow

Gawker Media empire scion Nick Denton announced his so-called “doom-mongering” 2009 Internet Media Plan on Wednesday and then promptly announced that Valleywag, the widely-read, Silicon Valley “tech gossip rag”, is being shut down — along with the popular Consumerist blog.

Valleywag, for its part, will not disappear entirely, but it will be folded into the site.

The knives are out, kids, keep your heads down and keep those page views coming in.

And get ready for more and more consolidation.


Denton’s Perfect Storm Of Gloom (TM) continues heading towards land, but it looks like Valleywag has already been hit. For a man of infamous balls, Denton is impressively pessimistic about the future of publishing. Valleywag is rumored to be closing, Consumerist may be up for sale.

The demise of Valleywag will be more of a consolidated migration into the main Gawker site.

Rumors are flying that Valleywag will be “shuttered.” It won’t. It will be consolidated into Gawker.

Gawker CEO Nick Denton foreshadowed this move in this sky-is-falling post this morning. Valleywag’s 1 million uniques will be worth more as part of a larger, easier-to-sell audience on Gawker. The posts will run in the main Gawker feed, and Valleywag’s front page and logo will remain (the site will live at, or a similar URL).

Twitter responds:

Valleywag is no more, RIP – end of an era.

Valleywag is shutting down. Now not only can I not get a new job, my old one doesn’t even exist.

hmm.. the only two gawker sites i read regularly are valleywag and consumerist… and those are the ones that they’re dismantling/selling…

Follow the rest of the 140 character outcry on NowPublic’s Scan: RIP Valleywag on Twitter 

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