Quantum of Solace: the Best Bond Ever?

James Bond mania is reaching a fever pitch as Quantum of Solace prepares to blow the hinges off North American box office doors during its opening weekend.

Having set a new box office record in the UK last weekend, the new Bond film made its official debut at midnight screenings across North America on Thursday.

Although the Quantum of Solace .torrent is already on the internet, many many fans had been holding out for the official return of Bond to the big screen.

UPDATE | Nov. 14The movie was posted, in entirety, to YouTube on Thursday however it has since been taken down.

(Of course if you simply can’t wait, you could always check out the full movie on YouTubeall the videos are attached to this post!)

And 007 afficionados are often rabid fans, many of whom can’t contain their ‘Quantum’ enthusiasm. Here’s a first review of the film that posts an eager primer for what is sure to be an action and popcorn-packed movie weekend.

Bond means more to me than nearly any other big screen hero or franchise in history, so when I go into a Bond movie, I go into it very critically. With that in mind, however, Quantum of Solace didn’t let me down, at all. I walked out of it the first time so amazed and so stunned that a modern Bond movie could be that great, that I had to wait to see it a second time to confirm that it really was that good. So after finally catching it again, I’m able to officially call Quantum of Solace the best Bond since GoldenEye in 1995. Many will disagree, but that’s because they’re not Bond fans like I am.

Other reviews are claiming that this edition of 007 even stomps out the Bourne trilogy for boot-stompin’ action:

“Quantum of Solace” is such a smart and brutal Bond movie that it kicks the “Bourne” movies — which had previously made Bond irrelevant — in the crotch. With a steel-toed boot.

What do you think? Post your comments and reviews to this story and let us know if you’re planning to attend a midnight screening!

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