US Election Slang: Obama FTW!

UPDATE: Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States.

Not surprisingly, the top term on Twitter has quickly become “President Obama“.

But also getting traction are hot topics such as “President-Elect” and, simply, “Congratulations“.

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PREVIOUSLY — As the US Election results begin to roll in, Twitter’s legions of ‘tweeps’ are offering up rapid-fire, election-related, 140 character messages by the thousands-per-minute — and some popular tweet terms are beginning to surface.

Not surprisingly, both McCain and Obama supporters are hailing the prospective victory of their respective candidates and using the popular “For the Win” web-slang ‘FTW‘ in their posts.

Check the relative popularity of “Obama FTW” vs. “McCain FTW” to see who’s winning that meme-war.

But Obama supporters are going a step further in their fervency by rampantly and emphatically wishing everyone a “Happy Obama Day” on November 4, 2008 — indicating their confidence in an Obama victory.

Other pro-Barack Twitter users have adopted an even more concise declaration of support, using the simple and effective “GoBama” — often paired with an enthusiastic exclamation mark.

The non-partisan hash tag #votereport has also proven immensely popular throughout the day, as Twitter users update their status with their vote, in order for the site to track voting patterns in real-time at Twitter Vote Report.

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Voting in the US election 2008; from twitter

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