Ice Cube to Make TV Comedy

Rapper (turned family film star) Ice Cube is headed for the small screen.

The former N.W.A. member is planning to write and produce a comedy show for NBC that is expected to debut on U.S. television in 2009.

As much as I’d like to support Ice Cube in his latest venture, I just can’t forget some of his more recent “comedic” choices. If that’s anything to go on, this could be an unfunny, if family-friendly, recipe for disaster.

Ice Cube is gearing up to write and produce a forthcoming US television comedy show.

The rap star will mastermind the buddy cop comedy for television network NBC. Although he is not slated to star in the show, it is expected that he will make some guest appearances on the programme, and perhaps even write the opening credits theme song, reports Variety.

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One thought on “Ice Cube to Make TV Comedy

  1. chris venn

    Ice Cube has been holdin’ it down for the west side for ever. He deserves to rep on movies and tv. TQ another artist that has been reppin’ the west is destined for the big screen too also launching his modeling career and releasing his new album ‘paradise’. ya’ll might have heard his new single ‘SEXY’, it’s tight. This dude is just a really creative and talented gentlemen that knows how to work his skillz just like Cube!


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