UK Zombies Attempt New ‘Thriller’ Dance World Record

British organizers of the GameCity festival in Nottingham are attempting to break the world record for most zombies performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance.

The current Guiness World Record is 1,028 set in Monroe, Pennsylvania on October 28th — but officials are hoping they can recruit a few extras zombies in time to set a new Thriller record.

Here’s a little backgrounder if you need to refresh your dance steps: Michael Jackson’s Halloween classic “Thriller”.

Willing and able zombies have been called upon to perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance in an attempt to break a world record.

Organisers of Nottingham’s annual games festival GameCity, want to teach more than 1,000 people the pop star’s moves.

Guinness World Records said the current record stands at 1,028 and was set in Monroeville, Pennsylvania on 28 October this year.

Costumes, make-up and choreography will be provided at the Old Market Square.

GameCity’s festival director Iain Simons said people needed to turn up by 1400 GMT on Friday to be transformed into a zombie.

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