‘Quantum of Solace’ World Premiere Held in London

Daniel Craig attended the world premiere of the new 007 film, Quantum of Solace, in London on Wednesday.

Look out world, Bond is back.

Daniel Craig suits up in a tuxedo for the Royal World Premiere of the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, held at the Odeon Leicester Square on Wenesday in London.

But while Daniel Craig will be rolling in accolades for his turn as the British spy, Russian bloggers are less than impressed with model and actress Olga Kurylenko‘s decision to portray the latest Bond girl.

With communists constantly losing their political relevance, they seem to be gaining popularity as an inexhaustible source of fun and humour. Model and actress Olga Kurylenko, who plays the lead Bond girl in the latest Bond film “Quantum of Solace” has attracted a rabid response from some Russian bloggers.

“How low you’ve fallen – becoming James Bond’s new lover, you prodigal daughter of suffering Ukraine!” That was the main message of an open letter published on the communist website of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

“You agreed to be the girlfriend of a man who during his long career has killed hundreds of Soviet people, Cubans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese and Nicaraguans,” wrote a blogger, scolding the “traitress”.

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