CNN’s New Wire Service to Compete with Associated Press

CNN thinks it can outshine major international newswire services like the Associated Press, Reuters, and the AFP, by offering its own news feed, known as CNN Wire, to existing and prospective partners.

CNN is courting newspapers — and possibly competing with The Associated Press — with a new wire service the cable network plans to launch soon, with plans for an all-expenses-paid, three-day summit in December to show off its news gathering capabilities.

CNN has invited numerous newspaper editors to attend the summit in order to extoll the virtues of its new service. 

The announcement comes in the midst of widespread industry cutbacks to newspaper editorial staff, the end of print editions of major publications, and acknowledged difficulites at the AP, where rate structures are being changed and partners are planning to drop the AP’s newswire service.

The newspaper summit comes as the Associated Press is dealing with fallout from its recent rate structure change planned for 2009, which has drawn complaints from a handful of newspapers and sparked several to give the required two-year notice to drop the service.

The question is: can CNN fill the void?

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