‘The Wire’ Cast Campaigns for Obama

Having just completed viewing the incredible fifth and final season of The Wire (which is, in my humble estimation, the best television show ever made), I’m feeling well-attuned to any and all news about the show.

So it was with particular interest that I noted that seven of the show’s cast memberssupport of Barack Obama will be campaigning in this weekend.

Marlo, Kima, Freamon, Carver, Cutty, Rhonda Pearlman, and Chris Partlow will all attend a Backyard Brunch for Barack in Raleigh on Sunday.

And Obama is sure to be pleased — he’s got the support of cast members from his favourite show on television.

Tomorrow, members of the cast of the Peabody Award-winning drama series The Wire will attend a Backyard Brunch for Barack in Raleigh. Seven of the show’s cast members will visit the Tarheel State in support of the change Barack Obama will bring across the country and in North Carolina.

Chad Coleman (who plays Dennis “Cutty” Wise), Deidre Lovejoy (who plays Rhonda Pearlman), Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield), Clarke Peters (Detective Lester Freamon), Sonja Sohn (Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs), Seth Gilliam (Sergeant Ellis Carver), and Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow) will all appear at the backyard brunch on Sunday.

On Monday, Chad Coleman, Deidre Lovejoy, and Jamie Hector will visit UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University to encourage students to vote early. Early voting in North Carolina started October 16 and November 1 is the last day voters may take advantage of early voting.

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