A Halloween List of Hollywood’s Creepiest Celebrities

Just in time for Halloween, NowPublic has compiled a list of Hollywood’s creepiest celebrities which, come to think of it, could provide perfect last minute costume ideas!

NowPublic’s Definitive List of Hollywood’s Creepies:

Tom Cruise and/or Katie Holmes
Christopher Walken

John Malkovich
Gary Busey
Dov Charney
Crispin Glover

Nicole Richie and/or Paris Hilton
Jeremy Sisto
Gilbert Gottfried
Bob Saget and/or the Olsen twins
Jerry Springer
Mickey Rourke
Richard Simmons
Michael Chiklis
Anthony Robbins and/or Eckhart Tolle
Jimmy Swaggart
Anne Heche and/or Anne Coulter
Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding, anyone?)
David Hasselhoff and/or Mel Gibson
Pauly Shore
Danny Trejo

Did we forget anyone? Add your creeps below!

Of course, this isn’t the only list of creeps available. Reuters also released a list of “Hollywood’s creepiest celebrities“. Although their stats are somewhat amusing (the left % is the star’s overall “creep factor”, while the right % is their overall “appeal”), I’m more than a little disappointed with their creepy celebrity selections. 

Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson, and O.J. Simpson are the top 3?  What is this, 1995?

What’s creepy is that Andy Dick isn’t #1 on this list — and that so many legitimately creepy stars are nowhere to be found.

1 Marilyn Manson 76% 9%

2 Michael Jackson 67% 14%

3 O.J. Simpson 59% 3%

4 Stephen King 51% 61%

5 Howard Stern 45% 13%

6 Andy Dick 44% 17%

7 Ozzy Osbourne 43% 29%

8 Criss Angel 43% 45%

9 Flavor Flav 41% 17%

10 Paul Reubens 41% 22%

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