‘Tribe Called Quest’ Rapper Phife Dawg Has Kidney Transplant

“When’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic?”

This memorable line – by rap icon Phife Dawg – is taken from the classic tune “Oh My God” — performed by the immortal 90s hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest.

After battling diabetes since 1990, Phife has finally been given a ray of hope, as he recently received a kidney transplant.

Hopefully, this will allow Phife to join Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad and continue to perform as part of the newly reunited Tribe  — who performed shows throughout the summer as part of the Rock the Bells tour. 

Phife Dawg’s long fight with diabetes recently took a new turn for the better, as the Queens native finally received a kidney transplant.

The new kidney comes after a waiting period of over two years, which saw Phife endure problems performing live and a dramatic weight loss through his dialysis treatment.

Originally diagnosed with diabetes in May of 1990, Phife admitted to not taking care of himself by eating the worst types of food for someone with his condition: fats, sweets, and alcohol.

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