Oliver Stone’s ‘W’ Biopic Released

Director Oliver Stone is at it again, with his latest politically-charged biopic, W, that takes on the legacy, life, and lineage of one George W. Bush.

Democrat or Republican, you may not be used to pondering the following about the American president. How many fraternity names did George W. Bush remember during a drunken hazing ritual at Yale? How did a baseball-obsessed screw-up find God and become our leader? How did he and Vice President Cheney convince a cabinet and country to invade Iraq? And, just for fun, does the 43rd president of the United States wear boxers or briefs?

Prepare yourself to face these questions and more if you see Oliver Stone’s “W.,” which was shot in Shreveport and northwest Louisiana.

The film opened in theatres Thursday and aims its satirical barbs squarely at the man in question:

“W.” MAY sound like the story of the initial that rocked the world, but it turns out to be the tale of a mouse that roared. Director Oliver Stone and writer Stanley Weiser’s unexpected take on the life and times of our 43rd president will surprise a lot of people, especially those not used to seeing the words “Oliver Stone” and “carefully modulated” in the same sentence.

Yes, “W.” is definitely satiric in intent and execution, and it has no love for the actions and policies of the man who has led, as the film’s advertising puts it, “a life misunderestimated.”

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