‘Masters of the Universe’ Movie Won’t Be Made

He-Man fans don’t despair too much, the dream of a redux, live-action Masters of the Universe movie may one day be realized — it just won’t be this time around.

Despite all of the action figures, the four different television series, the Dolph Lundren-starring, masterful 1987 pre-cursor flick, and even despite enlisting the formidable talents of director John Woo for the project, the planned Masters movie remake, Grayskull, has been dropped by Warner Bros.

In a crushing setback for Hollywood’s War on Originality, Warner Bros. has apparently decided not to follow through on plans for a Masters of the Universe movie. After thoughtful consideration, studio executives just decided that a film version of the eighties cartoon would not be a very good idea. This is the first time that anything like this has ever happened. [Latino Review via /Film]

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