Grammy Nominations To Air in Primetime

The producers of the annual Grammy Awards are looking to spice things up this year by making more of a spectacle out of the nomination announcements.

Instead of simply hiring a couple of well-known faces to read out the list of nominees, this year the nominees for the awards will be included in a primetime television special, complete with performances by past winners.

Nominees will be announced in Los Angeles on December 3rd.

This seems like an obvious ploy to boost ratings but I doubt that audiences will be particularly interested in an nomination gala — why not save the primetime spot for the actual awards? 

The Grammy Awards, plagued with declining ratings, are trying to liven interest in the annual gala by moving the nomination announcement to primetime.

Usually the nominees for the annual U.S. music awards are named by a couple of celebrities — last year it was Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige — during the morning news shows.

The 2008 nomination announcement, scheduled for Dec. 3, will be a primetime special with performances by past Grammy winners.

The U.S. Recording Academy announced the new format Thursday, but did not name any of the performers.

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