Was DJ AM ‘Saved For A Reason’?

DJ AM and Travis Barker were the only survivors of a horrible plane crash in September that killed four people.

But AM believes he was ‘saved for a reason’. He just hasn’t figured out what that reason is yet.

Could it be something more profound than getting to DJ for Jay-Z?

DJ AM considers himself “blessed” to have survived the September 19 plane crash that left him and Travis Barker with second- and third-degree burns and killed four others, including Barker’s assistant, Chris Baker, and bodyguard Charles Still.

In his first interview since the crash, AM told People magazine that during his recovery, he grew closer to God and that he now believes he was saved “for a reason.”

“I’ve prayed every night for the past 10 years. There’s a lot more to thank God for now. My philosophy is ‘live life to the fullest,’ [and] I was saved for a reason,” he told the magazine. “Maybe I’m going to help someone else. I don’t question it. All I know is, I’m thankful I’m still here.”

He also said that while he’s grateful to be alive, he’s wrestled with guilt, knowing that four people didn’t survive the crash.

“My emotions go back and forth,” he said. “At the first hospital, I screamed, ‘Thank you!’ Then I wondered, ‘Why did I live?’ I can’t believe I made it. Any second, it can all be gone.”

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