Apple Releases New Notebooks

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just unveiled the newly re-engineered and re-designed MacBook Pro — which appears to be lighter, faster, thinner, and sleeker than ever before — all things we’ve come to expect from Apple’s annual hardware upgrades.

Here are some of the specs, as compiled and liveblogged by Gizmodo, Apple Insider, and Engadget

The latest MacBook Pros are shipping today and will be available in stores on Wednesday.

For live-time news updates from around the microblogosphere, check out NowPublic’s Scan for Apple news.

New MacBook Pro: full glass screen like the iMac, thin display, all I/O ports on one side, instant-on LED display, mini DisplayPort connector. Unibody enclosure made from one piece of aluminum. Jobs is passing around a chassis to the crowd.

The new MacBooks will feature a new glass multi-touch trackpad with a 39 percent larger tracking area. The entire trackpad acts as the button.

“We’ve added a new chip from NVIDIA — the 9600M GT, 32 graphics cores, we’re including both the 9400 as integrated graphics, or choose the 9600M for big graphic performance. 5 hours of battery on the 9400, 4 on the 9600.”

The ports on the new MacBook Pro are from left to right: Magsafe, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire 800, two USB ports, a Mini DisplayPort, Audio In/Out (analog and optical digital), ExpressCard 34, and a battery indicator..

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