Charlize Theron to Pay Millions for Wearing a Watch

A warning to celebrities worthy of promoting fine products: be wary of the endorsement deals you sign.

And loathe be the one who would wear more than one watch.

Actress Charlize Theron is being forced to pay millions for wearing a timepiece from a brand other than the one with whom she had signed an exclusive endorsement deal.

For shame!

Charlize Theron will have to pay – perhaps eight figures – for wearing the wrong watch, a Manhattan judge has ruled.

Watchmaker Raymond Weil has already won summary judgment in a federal civil complaint that Theron broke their deal by failing to exclusively wear the pricey timekeeper in public.

Theron and her production company, Denver & Delilah Films Inc., were listed as defendants. The “Monster” star begged out of penalties, but US District Court Judge Colleen McMahon denied the Oscar winner.

“It is obvious that Theron cannot be dismissed . . . she was not an unwary agent,” McMahon wrote, noting that Theron’s initials appeared 10 times on the 10-page contract the actress broke.

Damages will be awarded at a jury trial. The watchmaker is seeking $20 million.

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