Tina Brown Launches Ad-Free ‘Daily Beast’

Media publisher and journalist Tina Brown launched her much-anticipated new website, The Daily Beast, on Monday.

The site is hoping to rival Arianna Huffington‘s most-linked-to-blog-on-the-internet The Huffington Post by featuring a mix of “curated news aggregation plus original reporting and opinion” from a powerful list of high-profile contributors.

And for now, at least, the site is free of advertising.

Could Brown’s Beast blog out-huff the HuffPo?

Tina Brown has found one way around the struggle for winning ad dollars in the middle of a financial meltdown — her new website is ad free. 

Together with Barry Diller’s IAC, today Brown launched The Daily Beast. Named after the fictional paper in Evelyn Waugh’s novel “Scoop,” the site hopes to be a “a speedy, smart edit of the web from the merciless point of view of what interests the editors.”

Though The Beast plans to be a revenue earning business for IAC, there are no ads on the site today. And that is no coincidence. Brown tells Paid Content that advertising is not a current priority: “At this point, in this first phase, we’re only focusing on the content and building the audience.”

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