Despite What Starbucks Says, They’re Wasting Water

It’s too easy to pass off poor business practices as being necessary for “customer safety”.

Why must Starbucks leave its taps running in every store, all day, when employees could simply take two seconds and wash a couple of spoons?

Oh that’s right, because Starbucks baristas are button-pushing automatons who don’t actually know how to make coffee or clean up after themselves.

But maybe they could make a machine that clean spoons with just the touch of a button?

Oh wait, they have. It’s called a dishwasher

US coffee-shop chain Starbucks has defended itself against claims of a serious waste of water by leaving taps running in its stores all day.

A spokeswoman said the purpose was to clean utensils and the policy meant the company met health standards.

But environmental groups have criticised the practice, accusing Starbucks of wasting millions of litres of water every day.

Campaigners say the firm should look at more water-efficient ways of cleaning.

A report in the UK’s Sun newspaper said the cold taps are left running in thousands of Starbucks branches around the world every day.

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