German Artist Hopes to Smoke Kurt Cobain’s Ashes

Count this one for the craziest story of the week: German artist Natascha Stellmach raised more than a few eyebrows this week when she announced her plans to smoke Kurt Cobain’s ashes as part of a performance art piece.

Remember when Courtney Love said that her stash of Kurt Cobain’s ashes had gone missing? I’m sure the last place she wanted them to end up was in a German art installation. Hell, I think the last place any of us would want to end up is in a German art installation. The Guardian reports that artist Natascha Stellmach is planning to smoke Kurt Cobain’s ashes in a spliff as part of a multi-artist installation piece called “I Just Wanted You to Love Me.”

But Cobain fans need not despair.

Not only were Cobain’s ashes never taken, Courtney Love’s publicist has insisted that there will be no smoking of the Nirvana star’s remains.

Yeah…that’s probably for the best.

Kurt Cobain‘s ashes have not been lost and will not be smoked at a German exhibition this month, it has been stated.

The former Nirvana star’s widow Courtney Love was reported to be “suicidal” earlier this year after reporting their disappearance.

Yesterday it was then claimed Natascha Stellmach planned to put his remains in a joint and consume them at Berlin’s Wagner & Partner gallery.

However, a publicist for Love has now insisted the ashes “were never taken”, insisting the news had been “erroneously reported”.

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