Kim Kardashian Devastated by Dancing Departure

Tis a sad day for America: the nation’s latest plastic celeb-obsession Kim Kardashian was booted off Dancing With the Stars last night.

Hold back your tears!

A distraught Kim Kardashian could not be consoled after being the surprise third casualty of Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night.

Not only was she inconsolable after learning the news, she was kicked off the show on the fifth anniversary of her father’s death, “it will always be a sad day for her,” partner Mark Ballas says.

“Today, five years ago, my father passed away, and I just know he’s really happy and watching over me, and I made him proud,” Kardashian, daughter of late attorney Robert Kardashian and reality co-star Kris Jenner, said after her dismissal.

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One thought on “Kim Kardashian Devastated by Dancing Departure

  1. Joe Blow

    Big freakin deal. Kim was the least talented out there. She really didn’t even deserve to be on the show.

    Is she a celeb? No!
    Has she acted and starred in anything of value? No!

    Her claim to fame – a sex tape and being a hollywood rich brat.

    She was stiff as a board. No hip action. No passion. No anything.

    Now she has another claim to fame – Being voted off before Cloris, an 82 year old woman….hahahaha



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