Kevin Costner’s New Career As A Country Music Singer

Occasionally interesting actor, questionable director, and one-time dancer with wolves, Kevin Costner, is set to release an album of country music with his band Modern West.

Besides acting, Kevin Costner has a whole field of dreams he wants to fulfill — and he will realize one of them this November with the release of his first country music album, says People magazine.

While his musical aspirations may come as a bit of a surprise to some, Costner has been playing music with some of his Modern West band mates for nearly 20 years, he tells People.

“I remember looking into the crowd, thinking, ‘This just feels right,'” he previously said about performing with his band.

The 53-year-old has co-written six songs from the 12-track album, some of which will be available to country music radio this week, People reports.

The album is set for release Nov. 11, and the band plans tour dates later this year through 2009, says the mag.

Costner had been contemplating getting back into music for years, but he finally convinced himself that he had to seize the moment — and do something more than sign autographs all day:

But if life has taught me anything it was not be stopped by the question or the unknown. “F… it what did I have to lose but maybe some of the best times of my life”…It was a feeling that I had been unable to articulate. For along time now I have felt the need to connect with people in a more meaningful way than just the autograph. I have found myself here and around the world in different situations where the only exchange has been just that. A quick signature on the run followed usually by a “gee he’s taller than I thought”. I always thought that music could build a stronger more personal moment for me.

Costner and his band have 4,430 friends. Well, it’s a start, Kev.

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