Top User ‘Zaibatsu’ Banned from

Digg‘s top user, Zaibatsu, has been banned from the social news recommendation site, after alleged repeat violations of the site’s Terms of Service.

There’s more user unrest in the community of popular social news site Digg, after the all-time number 3 ranked user Zaibatsu, a.k.a. Reg Saddler, was banned for alleged multiple violations of the Digg Terms of Use. That decision is “final and irreversible”, according to an email Saddler got from Digg today.

Although the exact reasons are unclear, Digg asserts that Reg Saddler was banned after submitted sites linking to spam:

So why was Saddler banned? It wasn’t associated with the recent bannings of other digg users over using Greasemonkey scripts. Rather the ban was handed down after Saddler submitted a website which was, in the words of an email Saddler received from Digg, “spam and a solicitation of products and/or services”.

Nevetheless, not everyone agrees with the ban and some high-ranking members of the site’s community have spoken out about the case:

It’s difficult to know what the wider Digg community thinks, but Zaibatsu is friends with a lot of other diggers and those diggers obviously want to see him back.

A user named Bianconeri4ever said:

“It’s a thorny issue to be honest. In a perfect world the whole issue would have been resolved between Digg and Zaibatsu privately. It’s just the timing of the ban was very unfortunate. In the light of the 80+ users banned, unbanning Zaibatsu would put Digg in a very bad light, that there are some users who are above the law, even if the banning of the 80 and the banning of Zaibatsu are two separate issues. It’s a real shame because Zaibatsu’s is a great guy, he is very helpful with beginners and loves the Digg community.”

What’s your take on this issue? Should Zaibatsu be exiled from Digg forever?

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