Radiohead Launch ‘Reckoner’ Remix Project

If you missed the opportunity to remix Radiohead the first time around, here’s your second chance.

Starting Tuesday, the band is making digital musical file stems for the song “Reckoner” available through iTunes and offering them up to would be remixers to tweak, slice, chop, and rework the tune as they wish.   

At first listen, two early favourites include a freaky, off-kilter take by Flying Lotus and a siren-filled, bleepy crasher by Diplo. But let’s see what other magic bubbles up to the surface in the coming weeks of the competition.

By most accounts, the Radiohead “Nude” remix project was a smashing success. It resulted in over 2,000 unique reworkings, plenty of hard-hitting analysis, and– however inadvertently– the band’s first significant chart showing for a single in ages. So it comes as little surprise that the In Rainbows gang is gearing up to do it all over again.

The band sent an email today to folks who partook in the “Nude” project, offering advance access to stems for In Rainbows highlight “Reckoner” and revealing that those stems will go up for digital sale to the general public on Tuesday, September 23. As with “Nude”, the stems divide the song into its component parts– all the better to remix with, of course.

For “Reckoner”, folks can nab tracks for “Lead Vocal”, “Backing Vocal”, “Guitars”, “Bass”, “Drums”, and “Piano/Strings”. That’s six stems in all to “Nude”‘s five– all the better to chart with, of course. 😉

No word yet whether this project will work precisely like the last one did– you know, with the voting and the ranking and the embedding and all that– but there’s little reason to think it won’t. Eager remix beavers are advised to click on over to the onetime home of all those “Nude” remixes,, come Tuesday for more details.

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