Is David Blaine ‘A Big Cheater’?

Gawker calls out David Blaine for failing to hang upside down, continuously, for 60 hours as he currently claims to be doing — and they’ve got the “photographic evidence” to prove it.

Is David Blaine faking it?

Is David Blaine a big cheater or what? The droopy-eyed “magician” is currently engaged in his latest stunt, hanging upside down for 60 hours in Central Park. Except that ever since he started yesterday afternoon, we’ve been getting emails from bystanders saying that he wasn’t hanging upside down—instead, he was resting by standing on a platform, only to be hoisted up several minutes later. We don’t know the official explanation, but whatever it is, this sure is a crappy stunt.

[UPDATE: One reader writes in: “Myself and 3 colleagues were there today around 12: 45. We saw the same thing. The security there said the Emt’s check him out for about 10 min per hour standing upright on the crane you have pictured.” How can you hang upside down for 60 straight hours when you come down every hour? Ha, it’s a trick question!]

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