‘Survivor’ Is Most Addictive Show On Television

Are you a “Survivor” junkie? You’re not alone. The reality show has been named the most addictive show on television in a recent study measuring the “Emotional Attachment Index (EAI)” of North Americans’ favourite series.

Other shows that have viewers fiending for new episodes include “Heroes,” “House,” “Grey’s Anatomy“, and “Supernatural“.

For me, “BSG“, “The Wire” and (ok, I admit it), “Lost“, would claim my highest EAI rankings.

What are the television shows that you can’t live without?

MADISON Ave. can now measure how addicted you are to your favorite shows.

Turns out that “Survivor,” the long-running reality show heading into its 17th edition, has the highest loyalty rating, according to a new measure called the Emotional Attachment Index (EAI).

While Nielsen ratings measure the raw numbers of people who are watching a show at any given time, the EAI – created by the same Long Island research company that supplies the famous “Q scores” of TV personalities – indicates the passion viewers have for the shows they watch.

It is done, in part, by determining a viewer’s commitment to watch a particular show in the future.

Among the other high-scoring EAI shows are “Heroes,” “House,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and the little-watched-but-apparently-well-loved CW series “Supernatural.”

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