Christian ‘Guitar Hero’ Spin-Off ‘Guitar Praise’ Coming Soon

Religious gamers will be glad to know that they will soon be able to do some more spiritual shredding when the “Guitar Hero“-inspired Christian rock game “Guitar Praise” launches later this month.

Could this lead to a new movement in sacramental music gaming?

I recently got a copy of Fremont, California-based Digital Praise’s “Guitar Praise” and unboxed it for all the world to see.

Made for the PC/Mac, the game is a Christian-oriented version of Activision’s “Guitar Hero” that aims to combine the gameplay of the popular music franchise with Christian values.

When you siphon the antiestablishmentism out of rock ‘n roll, you get one of two things—Christian rock or The Jonas Brothers. Neither is the most ideal listening situation. Still, we’re not ones to judge, so here’s just the thing for all of you Christian rockers in the audience. Guitar Praise, the Christian response to Guitar Hero, is coming soon to Mac and PC for $100.

Who knows where this could lead? As one Gawker commenter suggests:

Next up, Gregorian Chant Hero.

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