Streisand Headlines $31,000 Per Person Obama Fundraiser

What would you pay to hang with Barbra and Barack for an evening? $100? $200?

How about $31,000?

That’s the total per-person cost for an Obama fundraiser to be held Tuesday night in Hollywood that will feature both Barack Obama and a performance by Oscar-winning actress and singer Barbra Streisand.

No wonder Obama made campaign donation history with his all-time August high of $66 million. Could September’s cash grab climb even higher? A little of Babs star power will certainly help.

How does Barack Obama lure wealthy donors to a big-money fundraiser in Hollywood? Bring in Barbra Streisand as the headline performer.

The Oscar-winning singer and actress was to perform Tuesday night on Obama’s behalf in Beverly Hills. It was to be a two-step evening with a reception and dinner costing $28,500 a person followed by a later event featuring Streisand at $2,500 a ticket.

Obama was flying to Los Angeles after an appearance Tuesday morning in a Denver suburb.

The wealthy fundraiser comes on a day when the crisis in the U.S. economy remained an urgent issue for many Americans. Monday’s sharp sell-off left the Dow Jones industrials and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index down by more 4 percent, eroding the value of individual retirement and investment accounts, for example.

Streisand originally backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton but switched to Obama when he emerged as the Democratic presidential nominee.

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