MTV Pulls the Plug on Flagship ‘TRL’ Show

MTV is saying goodbye to Total Request Live, its flagship daily series that has dominated music television airwaves for a solid decade.

But times have changed and, these days, artists are getting a bigger boost from YouTube than from MTV, so the cancellation of TRL was a programming inevitability.

Will you miss it? What’s next for MTV?

After ten years on the air, the show that thrust Carson Daly upon us will go off the air in November — considering ratings peaked in 1999, it’s remarkable that they’ve waited this long to let the ol’ girl go. But what of all the artists who have benefited from TRL‘s platform? “In a statement, Eminem said: ‘I’m going to miss TRL … Where else will I be able to start feuds, defend my honor vigorously and act like an angry teenager on national TV? Oh wait … The VMAs!'”

MTV is to drop its flagship US show Total Request Live in November after 10 years on the air.

Executive producer Dave Sirulnick said he wanted to “rest” the show, which comes live from New York’s Times Square, after a two-hour special.

“We want to close this era of TRL in a celebratory way, and 10 is a great number,” he said.

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