Jack White’s James Bond Theme Used in Coke Ad

NowPublic previously reported that Jack White and Alicia Keys teamed up to record ‘Another Way To Die‘ as a theme song for the upcoming James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, to be released in October.

However, after discovering that an instrumental version of the song is being used for a Coca-Cola advertisement, Jack White has spoken out to express his disappointment.

Watch the ad here.

White Stripes frontman Jack White has reportedly spoken out against the use of his Bond theme duet with Alicia Keys on a Coca Cola television advert.

An instrumental version of Another Way To Die, from new Bond film Quantum of Solace, is featured in a 007-themed advert for the Coke Zero drink.

He reportedly says in a statement he is “disappointed” the song is being heard for the first time on an advert.

He wrote the song for the film, “not for Coca Cola”, the statement adds.

“Any other use of the song is based on decisions made by others, not by Jack White,” NME.com quoted the statement as saying.

The advertisement containing the song is currently being hosted at The Guardian’s website and will be incorporated into a Coke-themed TV spot as well:

The new advert is currently being hosted at Guardian.co.uk.

The song is set be used in a global Coca Cola TV advert, with Coke Zero rebranded as Zero Zero 7 to reflect Bond‘s 007 code name as part of the campaign.

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